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Interview Frequently Answered Questions

As part of your pre-interview preparation, consider the type of questions that may be asked. Determine how you can answer them in a factual and professional manner that focuses on your achievements, successes and development. Remember that the real question behind every question is “Why should we employ you”? So, try to relate each answer to the company or relevant position where possible.

Interview Tips

So, you’ve got your foot in the door with your impressive CV. It may sound obvious but, start with a positive attitude. You have been selected for interview from many other applicants so allow yourself a smile! Now you have an opportunity to make a statement about yourself in person.

First Impressions Count

If 70% of a first impression is based on appearance and body language, dressing appropriately is of the utmost importance. Remember, you are marketing a product — yourself — to a potential employer

Questions to Ask

Whether through nerves or inadequate preparation, when we are asked the immortal “Do you have any questions”? many of us look blankly, mutter “No” and skulk out of the door just glad the whole experience is over!

CV Presentation

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. When writing a CV you’re communicating with someone you’ve probably never met, so it’s important to make that first impression count.

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